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The number one priority for RMCHCS' Security Department is to ensure the safety and well-being of RMCHCS patients, visitors and employees. The Security Department oversees access to the RMCHCS hospital, Red Rock and College Clinics, Rehabilitation/Wellness Center, Urgent Care, Rapid Care, and Home Health/Hospice buildings. Regular patrols of the buildings, grounds and parking lots are conducted by security officers throughout the day and night.

In a hospital or clinical setting, emotions can at times run high among patients and family members and complex situations can arise. The security officers are called to address these situations in order to maintain a calm and safe atmosphere. They also respond to requests for assistance with patients who may be at risk of harming themselves or others.

Since RMCHCS is a tobacco free facility and smoking is not allowed in any buildings or on any RMCHCS property, including parking areas, security officers do enforce this policy.

Security staff is available 24-hours a day. Contact security for non-emergencies by dialing the security pager at 505-949-1458. For additional information, call the security manager, Raymond Spencer 505-726-6894