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Financial Services

Financial Assistance

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Healthcare service has a Financial Assistance Policy for those in need of assistance with their hospital bill. The links below include all documents regarding this policy and the process for applying. For additional information or questions call 505.863.7188 or 505.863-7000.

Document Links:

Plain Language Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

RMCHCS Financial Assistance Policy

RMCHCS Financial Assistance Checklist

RMCHCS Aplicación Asistencia Financiera

RMCHCS Notice to Patients

No Surprise Billing Act

How Rehoboth McKinley Christian Healthcare Services Calculates the Amounts Generally Billed

Customer service staff and financial advisors are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Representatives are available by phone at 505-863-7188 or in person at the patient financial services office adjacent to the hospital.

Note: The following professional services are provided by independent physician groups that maintain a relationship with RMCHCS. These physician groups bill for their own services. Patients should expect to receive separate bills from the provider groups listed below:

Cardiology Physicians: Cardiac Care Consultants 505-248-1800
Dialysis Physicians: High Desert Nephrology: 505-863-7993
Radiology Physicians Concord Medical Group: 888-264-0330
Emergency Room Physicians: Emergency Staffing Solutions 866-931-8882

Questions regarding these bills should be directed to the applicable physician group or practice.

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