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RMCHCS' Corporate Compliance Program provides guidance for RMCHCS to conduct business with integrity and in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulatory requirements. RMCHCS believes that compliance with the law and the provision of quality healthcare are linked by the common goal of "doing what is right, not just what is required."

Should you have any Compliance concerns, please feel free to call 1.844.984.2754.

RMCHCS Code of Conduct

RMCHCS' Corporate Compliance Program includes:

A formal commitment to establish and maintain appropriate compliance standards. This comes directly from RMCHCS' Board of Trustees and senior management and takes the form of a Board-approved Code of Conduct.
Background checks on all employees and independent contractors to determine whether they have criminal convictions or are listed by the government as an "excluded" party. An excluded party is not allowed to order services that Medicare covers.
Dedicated resources for appropriate oversight and administration of the Compliance Program.
Training and education programs for all employees, including instruction on Medicare program requirements and changes in federal and state laws.
The maintenance of a process such as a hotline to receive complaints and the adoption of procedures to protect the anonymity of complainants and to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.
Monitoring and auditing plans to ensure RMCHCS employees' understanding of topics covered in training sessions. Follow-up training and education as well as a confidential reporting line are available for employees. Employees are expected to report suspected wrongdoing to their supervisor or the compliance officer.
A formal disciplinary policy for violations of laws and policies that is communicated to all employees.
Corrective action plans, following confirmation of acts of non-compliance. Corrective actions include making refunds to the Medicare program and beneficiaries, disciplining employees and/or changing internal policies and procedures as needed.

Jeff Linck
VP of Quality, Risk, & Compliance

Compliance Hotline phone number 505-722-8491