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This is a picture of  a file and some papers on a desk.
This is a picture of a file and some papers on a desk.

RMCH ends agreement with 15 nurse contractors

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services will end their agreements with 15 contractor nurses from various nursing agencies. The nurses' agreements are 13-week contracts which can be renewed or canceled every two weeks.

"We are mandated by the State of New Mexico to end elective surgeries as are all the other hospitals in the state," RMCHCS CEO David Conejo said. "With this new rule in effect, it affects our finances. As we approach the difficult financial challenges COVID-19 imposes on us, like many other businesses across the globe, we are taking prudent financial steps which make sense.”

RMCHCS announced plans last week to reduce elective hospital admissions by eliminating non-essential procedures that can safely be postponed for two months. Attending providers will determine on a case-by-case basis procedures that can be delayed.

RMCHCS will mitigate any increased financial hospital costs resulting from this decision. This may include applying for FEMA, state or county funds, or cost reductions.