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Board Meeting 8-23-2022

On August 23, 2022 RMCHCS Board Members held their monthly board meeting. The comments and question are listed below along with the answers listed accordingly.

Public Comments/Questions:

1. Dr. Fredrick W. Held- RMCHCS physicians are planning to retire. He is concerned about the declining number of providers in the community.

2. Larry Winn- would like RMCHCS to share plans for the hospital going forward. He suggest a hybrid health care system that will include GIMC.

3. Jean Philips- would like an update on the Rural Health Solutions termed contract.

4. Kathy Mezoff- questions on the reopening of the Labor and Delivery and the current number of days- cash on hand.

5. Connie Liu - Community needs metrics; the community needs a plan, and the Board of Trustees should request the completion of an independent evaluation.

6. Warner Anderson- Thanks to the board for having open sessions for the public when it is not required.