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Charity Invitational 23 Honoree

We are delighted to recognize Terry Fuhs, RN, MSN, CEN, CPEN as this year's Charity Invitational Honoree.

Terry has served our community for over 40 years as a nurse and a clinical educator. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and a Master's of Science Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Education. Born and raised in Gallup, Terry received her nursing education from the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Gallup and in Albuquerque. She has numerous certifications and qualifications, giving her the distinct ability to teach a variety of clinical and nursing courses throughout New Mexico and Arizona.

Terry began her career as a nursing assistant in 1978 at McKinley General Hospital. Today she is the clinical educator for Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS) and UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. Terry and her husband, Loren, have been married for 37 years. They have two grown daughters and seven grandchildren.

Terry's involvements and accomplishments throughout her illustrious career are far too many to list. Some highlights include membership in the American Nurses Association and the Emergency Nurses Association; serving as American Hospital Association site coordinator for RMCHCS and as Regional Faculty member with the American Heart Association. Her many awards include RMCHCS Nurse of the Year, RMCHCS Employee of the Year, Patient/Family Educator of the Year, and a two-time recipient of the Thomas B. Carmany Award. In May, Terry was named the 2019 UNM Clinical Education Distinguished Preceptor.

No matter what her role at RMCHCS, Terry consistently serves her patients and students with intelligence, compassion and kindness. Her many contributions to healthcare in our community and beyond and her servant's heart is why she is this year's Honoree.

The Cause

This year's Charity Invitational fundraising effort is Phase I of a $2.25 million multi-year plan, which will result in the establishment of a 3-year, rural Family Medicine Residency Program. The program will bring four new physicians per year, for three-years each, to live and work in Gallup, during their residency training. Included in the program will be training in obstetrics.

The first phase is to upgrade and renovate the Dr. Philip Kamps' Women's Health and Birthing Unit, located on the second floor of Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital and to begin the renovation of College Clinic in preparation for a rural Family Medicine Residency Program.

Our ambitious goal of $750,000 for Phase I will help purchase:

7 labor and delivery beds and comfortable visitor chairs ($102,095)

7 Fetal monitors ($15,346)

4 Infant warmers/Resuscitation units ($79,656)

18 Computers ($27,000)

Renovation of Dr. Philip Kamps' Women's Health and Birthing Unit (est. $385,200)

Beginning construction costs for College Clinic ($140,803)

Phase II will include the completion of the renovation of College Clinic and new equipment and furniture for the rural Family Medicine Residency Program.

Phase III will sustain the Rural Family Medicine Residency Program and expand College Clinic to accommodate program growth.

We are excited about this multi-year project, which will have a profound effect on the delivery of Women's Health and primary care services in our community. Please join us in raising money for this important project.