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Board Meeting 9-28-2022

On September 28, 2022, RMCHCS Board Members held their monthly board meeting. The comments and question are listed below along with the answers listed accordingly.

1. Connie Liu- was asked by community members on when their questions were going to be answered. One asked for basic financial information, one suggested and independent review and the community as a whole put in a recommendation for transparency. Connie would like a formal response from the board.

2. Larry Winn- Urged for a systematic planning process to address specifically the scope of the operations going forward. 40 years ago, RMCHCS was a prized institution back then. Please to try to trust the community more than you go now. A certain amount negativity have gone back and forth. Why don't the hospital take the initiative to transcend that barrier and that difficulty? The group here today is for quality, sustainable healthcare. The Board needs to reach out to the community for things going forward.